Since our start first in the field of real estate market of Dubai distinctiveness Banjazna in the management of this property and that of high quality, while maintaining the natural and cultural heritage of the city of Dubai, and put Mutawakil properties at the disposal of customers to their interest to meet the needs of tenants of apartments and other areas of the property and has been appointed as team pioneering work in this area to improve the quality of housing for clients and provide a cozy atmosphere of the population that provide their applications and increase on it. Mutawakel Properties owns a combination of luxury and tranquility and comfort that enable customers to enjoy comfortable home, but behind enjoy greater privacy and space dedicated to them according to their needs, where they enjoy their stay after a hard day at work or after a long day of shopping. Mutawakil Properties Private is one corporate group Mutawakil for building maintenance and business interiors, which is working to develop and improve the real estate projects of real estate management and organization infrastructure and maintain the integrity of the environment and the interior design of apartments, businesses and government institutions and private, and as you can see our form body lonely integrated, cooperative with each other to meet and cover all customer needs, and also our good management accompanied the outlook insightful gathered with us to reach the highest bicycle excellence and perfection in accomplishing our mission entrusted to us. The company Mutawakil Properties for the quality of the realization of using the latest modern techniques of the program of electronic management of its properties, clients and follow-up showed them and their suggestions and complaints and provide them many ways to access their data and their accounts through the website and phone systems and mobile text messages and also a specialized team's leader in real estate and technology. Vision Provide the best and most appropriate place and optimized for comfortable living under a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Raise the level of prosperity in the city of Dubai to citizens and expatriates. Promote feelings of confidence and strengthen our relationship with our customers. Continued development of our business and all of our projects to reach to the highest levels of excellence. The unique privilege of our properties in the formation of a standard for quality a civilized exclusive manner. Our Mission Active participation in improving the prosperity and development of private properties in the Emirate of Dubai at the latest level and community development. Focus and responsiveness to the needs and desires of customers and residents to interact with their students as soon as possible. Contribute to mention a view of the Emirate of Dubai the best place and the best to work and live in the well-being and freedom of the quiet atmosphere and reassuring. Consolidation of staff and trained to the highest standards of professionalism and professional ethics to meet the requirements of customers with high quality. Achieving transparency and clarity without confusion or ambiguity to be our relationship with our customers shown on trust and integrity.

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