United Arab Emirates enact special laws governing how to obtain a residence visa for real estate investors. Immediately after the economic crisis of 2008, the UAE government tried to unite some of the rules and laws related to visa issuance system associated with the property. These legal rules now apply in all the cities of the state, but may exist there are differences between the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai tried starting in 2012 an amendment concerning the visa laws for real estate investors foreigners in order to encourage them to settle in the emirate and investment in the real estate sector, which is known in great demand in Dubai. Federal laws for a residence visa for real estate investors for six months

Federal law allows the United Arab Emirates to the possibility of applying for a visa to establish a six-month, renewable for each investor resides inside or outside the country, provided that the owner of a property in one of the cities of UAE. This visa cost Whether it's the first time or renewal is AED 1100, and there are other conditions can be summarized in the following points: You must be a student visa own a real estate financial value of not less than AED 1 million. The person student visa proof of receiving a monthly income of not less than ten thousand AED. It must be issued title to the property as the owner of the property, which is the same name that made him stay visa later. Property must be complete.

It should be noted that this visa does not give the right to its owner to engage in any business in the United Arab Emirates, where they are considered as a visa for a visit, and should these owners and investors to apply for another work visa if they wish to engage in any occupation in one of the country's cities. Must also all visa holders out of the country if the expiration of the validity of their visas and re-submit a new application for a visa if they wish to return again.

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