Knocked in a previous article of the merits of the Mortgage Law in Dubai or the so-called specifically mortgage insurance box at right-Law No. 14 of the year 2008. In this article Fsnthdt on developments in the law, and thereto changes starting in 2013, as the central bank of the United Arab Emirates issued during this year a comprehensive mortgage system includes substantial changes affected all of the funding ratios, and the repayment period for residents and citizens. New mortgage ceiling.

The new system of mortgage credit in the Arab Emirates Select financing rate of 80% for the first home of the owner of the indwelling of the citizens, and that the property that is not worth more than five million dirhams, while placing 75% maximum for non-citizens. And the development of the central bank exception to this rule for unsecured loans by the government in terms of funding identified in the ceiling of 85%, and raise the proportion of the debt burden to 60% .. The central bank justified this exception willingness of state housing programs that are of a sense of community solidarity support. The new regulations for the roof of the mortgage in the United Arab Emirates

According to the data listed in the table above shows that the central bank identified for repayment of the mortgage loan in the maximum not to exceed 25 years, where he will reach the age of the borrower when pay another monthly installments of 70 years for citizens and 65 years for residents. Also it requires that the central bank does not exceed the ceiling of the debt burden of 50% of the income of the creditor, and that the loan does not exceed the total gross income for the eight years the amount for citizens and 7 years for non-citizens.

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